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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bits from Monday

I never quite made it downtown today. Spent my day exploring the zoo (lovely in the winter) and the Adams Morgan neighboorhood. Here are some odds and ends, and a bit of Obama ephemera.

Massive mural on a side of a restaurant in Adams Morgan.

People writing on and looking at a large bulletin board with messages for the next president. They ranged from "Stop War" to "Legalize Weed" to "Go Eagles!"


Metro train. In a few hours the distance that was between me and the camera should be jam packed with inauguration goers. I plan to be very uncomfortable for the entire ride.

I planned on going to the inauguration with no ticket to the event and just going with the flow. Though on Friday it just so happened that tickets for me (and today for my girlfriend) appeared. I'd go so far as to claim magic, but lets jut say it was very unexpected and I am extremely gracious. While a ticket is by no means a guarantee of a good picture (nor is the lack of one a sign of poor pictures, there's so much going her, pictures are everywhere) it will be nice to be a "guest" (one of hundreds of thousands of people with tickets) and say that on paper...I was there. Talk to you tomorrow.

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Andrew Spear
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Kristin Majcher
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Johnny Simon
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