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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pete Souza: First Photographer

A bunch of OU photojournalists are heading down this weekend to capture the action, but it's pretty safe to say that out of all of them, VisCom professor Pete Souza will have the best chance at making the best shot of the new president. That's because he's the new First Photographer. He's traded Appalachian hills with Capitol Hill, and now has the best access to all of the important stuff going on in the White House - because, well, he lives there.This clip of Souza talking to OU's favorite alum Matt Lauer on The Today Show accomplishes two important things. First of all, it offers the first glimpse at the new presidential portrait. Second, it proves to the world that OU is awesome.

Athens NEWS reporter Mike Barajas just wrote an article on the news about Souza, which you can read here. And here are some of the photos that Souza took of Obama way before the presidential race, back when he was just an Illinois governor trying to make his first foray into national politics.

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Andrew Spear

Andrew Spear
Andrew Spear is a Midwest-based photographer currently studying photojournalism at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication. A junior in the program, Andrew is also a staff photographer at The Athens NEWS, in Athens, Ohio. He splits his time between Athens and Cleveland, his hometown. Please click the image to view Andrew's portfolio. (Photo courtesy of Matt Eich)

Kristin Majcher

Kristin Majcher
Kristin Majcher is a junior studying magazine journalism at Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Communication. Currently a staff writer at The Athens NEWS, she has also worked with The Post (Athens, Ohio) and Cleveland Magazine. She splits her time between Athens and her hometown of Cleveland.

Johnny Simon

Johnny Simon
Johnny Simon is a Midwest-based photographer currently enrolled as a senior photojournalism major at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. His work has been regcognized by the Southern Short Course in News Photography, NoTxt Magazine, the Corcoran Gallery FOCUS on Photojournalism and his adoring parents. Please click the image to see Johnny's portfolio.
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